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Season recap and spring recipes

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Another season has come to an end, a season filled with highs, some lows, new adventures and lots of things to keep working on. Amidst all the travel and changing scenery, one thing remained constant: I always ran out of dried peaches before the end of my trips.

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The student-athlete life and food hacks for a busy schedule

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Winter is here and the ski season is kicking off in Canada! I’ve been busy as usual this year with both skiing and school, and can’t wait for the racing to begin. These past few months of training have been pretty incredible.

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Inspiration for a plant-based diet and recipe ideas!

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Are you a vegetarian? Are you looking to incorporate more plant-based meals and snacks into your routine? If so, nuts, seeds and dried fruit might just become your new best friend! What is a vegetarian?

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Dates, natural delights: differences and benefits

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Did you know that we carry three different varieties of dates? And do you know what the differences are? All dates have many health benefits, from promoting brain health to aiding in digestion. Dates are incredibly nutritious, high in fibre, vitamins and minerals.  They all contain both soluble and insoluble fibre, which helps to lower… Read more »

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Wholesale ordering begins!

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Welcome to another harvest season of The Best of the New Crop! We know many of you, like us, have been suffering with the smoky skies for weeks now. Fortunately, it’s nowhere near as bad as the deadly fires experienced in Southern California and parts of Europe.  

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Crop news: bringing in the harvest!

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Building and maintaining relationships with the farming families who grow and process our products has always been one of Rancho Vignola’s highest priorities. Our family members have travelled the world to shake the hands of those we work with so closely, and we think this strong connection helps us to bring you the very best… Read more »

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Pandering to pumpkins! A visit to Schalk Müehle, Styria, Austria

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The soil appears baked dry under the relentless sun, but even with no rain in the forecast for this area of Austria – Styria – the farmer we’re visiting seems optimistic about a good harvest! This region is famous for its Styrian pumpkin seeds, which is a sturdy crop with few predators and, fortunately, somewhat… Read more »

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