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Candied Toffee Almonds

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For those who don’t receive our annual newsletter, we thought you should also know about this recipe! I love these sweet almonds, although I have made the same recipe with a number of other nuts with great success. Almonds, like most nuts, are very nutrient-dense, specifically good for those who don’t get enough calcium in… Read more »

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2015 wholesale season, here we come!

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Welcome to the beginning of our 2015 wholesale season and 35th anniversary! We’ve had a busy few weeks talking to the people who grow and produce the many delicious products we carry, we’re hearing great things about this year’s crops and we’re excited to be bringing another harvest to you. We’re also excited to announce… Read more »

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Hemp Greek Salad

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Greek salad has become a favourite salad of mine over the last few years, perfect in the summer and fall when fresh veggies are plentiful. I love having a big bowl, it satisfies my hunger and cravings while being primarily a vegetable-based meal. Because of the high vegetable content, I like to mix in some… Read more »

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What is a superfood anyway?

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The term “superfood” was coined by the health food industry to help consumers identify foods that are nutritionally dense and offer dietary benefits. There is speculation that the term drives sales of exotic (read: expensive) imported foods which don’t necessarily have more nutritional value over their North American or local counterparts. While there are no… Read more »


Date Squares

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Growing up, date squares were a dessert my mother would always make. While she’s a very talented cook, she never loved baking sweets. The beauty of these squares is that they’re not nearly as finicky as many desserts, and the flexibility makes them great for those who may not love baking or are still learning…. Read more »

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Nut Butter Freezer Fudge

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I know we’ve shared this recipe before in our summer newsletter, but I feel it’s worth revisiting due to its popularity! With only a few ingredients, no cooking skills needed (kid-friendly!) and never-ending variations, this recipe doesn’t get old. We all crave sweets sometimes, so why not indulge in something you can feel good about… Read more »

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Wild Rice and Cashew Salad

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With the weather getting warm, cool meals are getting more and more popular, and salads of all kinds often hit just the right spot. After trying this recipe for the first time I was hooked. I usually make large batches, as it keeps well refrigerated, making it perfect for gatherings, potlucks. Give this recipe a… Read more »

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Triple Citrus Electrolyte Drink

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With the beautiful spring weather having arrived, many are taking full advantage, spending time outdoors and active. It’s important when you’re active for more then a few hours to give your body something to keep it performing the best it can, and this drink is just the thing! Chia seeds have received a lot of… Read more »

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Almond bloom

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As we’re watching the blooming of the new crops, we’re also in the thick of our Spring Clearance Sale. With only ten days left, and product is selling out quickly, be sure to get your order in soon! There are still lots of sale items available and volume discounts to take advantage of. The almond… Read more »


Ten ways to use Rancho’s Breakfast Mix

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The countdown is on to our Spring Clearance Sale. From March 1st to 15th, you can enjoy up to 50% off Rancho Vignola products! • No ordering minimum. • Free shipping on orders over $300 (some exceptions apply). • Limited quantities available ~ first come, first served.

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