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This crunchy, flavourful mixture can be used in many different ways. Traditionally an Egyptian condiment served with bread and olive oil for dipping, it’s also great for sprinkling on salads, baking with roasted veggies and meats, or alternatively, try stirring some into hummus. One of my favourite ways to have some when I’m hungry and… Read more »

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Spiced Date Smoothie

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There are many reasons smoothies are so popular. You’ll often hear people talk about how quick and easy they are to make and the never-ending variety of flavour combinations. Most smoothies are made with a fruit and berry base, sometimes with fresh greens added in, which is generally thought of as a warm-weather flavour combination…. Read more »

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Green Bean Salad

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I’m a believer in eating a variety of different salads year-round. Aside from the benefits of eating a wider range of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients for your body, it also keeps you from getting bored with your meals. I really enjoy how the flavours come together with the ingredients in this salad and… Read more »

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Chicken Crusted with Almond and Flax

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Richard Potvin has shared his great recipe for an alternative to traditional breadcrumb-crusted chicken. It’s flavourful, moist and by using a variety of ingredients offers a larger range of nutritional benefits compared to breaded chicken. For those who follow a gluten-free diet, or cook for someone who does, this recipe is naturally gluten-free without sacrificing… Read more »

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Almond Coconut Joy Bars

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These delicious treats require no baking! They are very easy to whip up and you won’t be able to keep them in stock. Chewy with a nice crunchy snap, these “energy bars” are packed full of protein. They’re also gluten-free, lactose-free and suitable for vegan, vegetarian and pescetarian diets. This recipe contains no refined sugar… Read more »

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Blackberry Chia Jam

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Many people I know stay away from making jams, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task! This recipe is flexible, easy and fast, doesn’t require purchasing any pectin or thickener, and no need to figure out how to can, as it can be easily kept in the freezer and thawed as needed. You… Read more »

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All about: Hazelnuts

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Hazelnuts, also commonly known as filberts, are produced by the hazel tree. People have been cultivating hazelnuts for approximately 9,000 years. Hazelnuts are now grown all over the world, with Turkey being the largest producer by a large margin, followed by Italy and the USA. We source our nuts from a lesser-known area for hazelnut… Read more »

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Mango & Fig Smoothie

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While I know most smoothie lovers usually use fresh or frozen fruit, reconstituting dried fruit is another great alternative, especially in the winter months when fresh fruit is hard to find and can be very expensive. The other benefit to using dried fruit is that you can buy in bulk (wholesale ordering is coming up… Read more »

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Recipes from Turkey

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We’ve had such a great response to our summer newsletter, and wanted to share a few of the recipes from Sue and Richard’s cooking class in Istanbul, Turkey. Thanks to everyone who entered for the gift basket giveaway; the contest is now closed and we’ll be drawing a name for the lucky winner on September… Read more »

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Blueberry, Pomegranate & Flax Smoothie

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Treat your taste buds with this delicious, antioxidant-rich smoothie. It’s a great way to start your morning or perk you up as an afternoon snack! For more great Rancho Vignola recipes, check out our recipes page. There’s also a link on that page to a form through which you can upload your own favourite recipes,… Read more »

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