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Bringing the harvest to communities near you across Alberta and BC

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Our roots in Alberta are deep. The Vignolas have been travelling to the Camrose area for more than 30 years to sell their fresh-crop products. With the support of many communities, Rancho Vignola’s once-a-year events grew out of their humble beginnings and into the Camrose Regional Exhibition which has hosted our events for the past 13… Read more »

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Bringing the harvest to communities near you: Vernon and Penticton

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Everyone gets excited when Rancho pulls into town, especially our wonderful staff. Since 1998, Rancho Vignola has been setting up an event in Vernon, BC, their home base, at various halls in the community. For the past five years, Rancho has been at the Vernon Recreation Centre Auditorium, where we can really spread out and… Read more »

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Last weekend for wholesale ordering!

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With the deadline for wholesale ordering approaching fast, we thought we would post parts of an article from our summer newsletter that explain the working system for creating and maintaining a successful wholesale buying club. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for a family to spend hundreds of dollars a month at the grocery store only to… Read more »

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What do our sponsored athletes like best about Rancho’s products?

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All our sponsored athletes said the fresh flavour, the convenience of having the products on hand to make great food on the go and the ability to travel the country with food that helps fuel their workouts and their competition is what makes Rancho unique.

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Rancho Vignola’s wholesale ordering season has begun!

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The smell of autumn is in the air, and for Rancho Vignola that means we are launching into our new season. Download our 2014 price list or begin ordering on our online system. We have lots to talk about in crop news this year. Our farmers and producers have had another interesting season. Ever thought about starting a… Read more »

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The Challenge Triathlon in Penticton, BC, with our own Shanda Hill

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Can you imagine waking up on a Sunday, heading to the lake in beautiful Penticton, BC and participating in a 3.9-kilometre swim, a 180-kilometre bike ride (total climb of 1098.24 metres) and a 42.2-kilometre run? Well, a whole lot of amazing folks did partictipate in such an event, just this past weekend, and Rancho Vignola… Read more »

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Let the FUN-draising begin!

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Wholesome Products + Healthy Profits = Successful Fundraising Rancho Vignola has made it easy to fundraise! So many organizations are looking for unique ways to raise money, why not try it with us! We offer high-quality, nutritionally-dense food that sells itself, and we make ourselves available to ensure that your fundraising campaign goes off without… Read more »


Making Chocolate Chia Pudding

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Need a high-fibre, high-protein, delicious chocolate treat that the kids will love? Well, chia pudding is an easy dessert/snack/breakfast that even the kids can make! Chia seeds are so strange! When you put them in liquid, they absorb it all and turn into a gel-like consistency. Despite their tiny size, chia seeds are among the… Read more »

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