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Sponsoring some of our favourite music festivals with good FOOD!

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Music festivals have a colourful history which has been carried over since the 1600s. Making a spectacle of music and art seems to be a common celebration around the world. Providing some of our favourite music festivals in BC with our great food has been a tradition the Vignolas have been invested in for more… Read more »

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Cloé’s Dark Chocolate Incan Berry Florentines

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Meet Cloé Bailey Vignola. Cloé has such a flair for food. She takes such care and enjoyment in preparing beautiful creations to then share with friends and family. Having grown up in Montreal, and having lived in Paris for more than 10 years, Cloé is particularly drawn to making lovely, simple French cuisine. This recipe… Read more »

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From the archives: Mysteries of the cashew

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We call them cashews nuts, but they are actually seeds! They are the seed of the cashew fruit, and it’s a big deal to make them edible. Yup, you read that right: cashews are not edible right off the tree. The fruit is, but the “seeds” must be processed first. You wouldn’t die if you… Read more »

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Mardelle’s Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

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Mardelle Hanson is a long-time customer of ours, and a good friend of Sue and Richard Vignola. You’ll love her biscotti recipe. Try it today! FYI: Biscotti is the plural form of the mediaeval Latin word biscotto, meaning “twice-baked/cooked.” They were a valuable staple to the Roman legions because their shelf life was very long.

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Our town, Armstrong, BC

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On May 3rd, Indra and I of  the “Rancho Team” attended the Armstrong/Spallumcheen Chamber Awards night. We were nominated for two awards: Manufacturer of the Year and the Green Community award, and were up against some serious competition! We didn’t win, but we sure had a great time! Here are a few shots of our evening and… Read more »

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From the archives: Brazil nuts

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In 2012, Richard Vignola made an epic trip into the depths of the Amazon jungle to see what the Brazil nut harvest looked like. What an adventure he had. A journey never to be forgotten. Brazil nuts are fascinating! Not only because they are such a large nut, but they also only grow in the… Read more »

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Richard and the low-down on Breakfast Mix

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Even though breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for many of us, we just don’t make adequate time in the morning to nourish ourselves properly. In this video, Richard explains a simple way to make a quick and nutritious breakfast for yourself or a whole family. Rancho Vignola proudly produces our own… Read more »

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Shanda’s Power Bars

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Shanda Hill is not only an inspiring athlete, she also is an excellent vegetarian cook. Over the many years that Shanda has worked with Rancho Vignola, she has provided countless soups, casseroles, cakes, pastries and almost every Rancho product dipped in chocolate. Around this girl, no one will ever go hungry! Thanks, Shanda, for your… Read more »

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From the archives: Why do we always run out of organic mango?

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It’s no secret, if you have ever had the chance to try Rancho Vignola’s organic dried mango, you know it is simply delicious… and addictive! If you haven’t tried it yet, get in on the good stuff by ordering it wholesale in September, otherwise there won’t be much left for you to try! Every year… Read more »

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