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Macadamia… the flavourful “crunch” with Antje Schirwinsky

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Having guest chefs in the Rancho Kitchen is only getting more exciting for our team at Rancho Vignola… the refreshing energy and enthusiasm that our guests bring is so inspiring! The feature guest in our latest video is Antje Schirwinsky of Crush Bistro in Vernon, BC. With their elegant and original menu, wonderfully paired with wines of the… Read more »

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Snacking: The good, the bad and the HEALTHY!

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We are programmed throughout our lives to think that three meals a day is the norm and we don’t need any more or less than that. But realistically, many of us like to snack between meals, or sometimes snack INSTEAD of meals. We shouldn’t shame ourselves for such actions, we are actually doing our body… Read more »

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Citrus Berry Iced Green Tea

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With the hot Okanagan summer looming before us, a recipe for a light, refreshing beverage is good to have on hand. This recipe is simple, very refreshing and lovely to sip on a hot afternoon. Golden Inca berries have many other names. They are sometimes called ground cherries, bladder berries, winter berries, cape gooseberries ~ phew,… Read more »

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Pecan Garlic Paté

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To add to our ever-growing video series, here is yet another great video from our Rancho Kitchen. Pecan Garlic Paté is a great potluck dish or an awesome dinner party starter. Serves well with raw veggies or crackers AND makes a mean sandwich spread! Don’t have pecans? Walnuts work great too! This recipe has lots of… Read more »

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Ricardo’s Candied Pecans

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VIN-YO-LA is not only the surname of Richard and Sue Vignola, it is also a city in the province of Modena, Italy. So inviting an Italian chef up to La Cucina Rancho (the Rancho Kitchen) seemed like a great way to celebrate some Italian heritage. We invited Ricardo and Sue of Ricardo’s Mediterranean Kitchen to spend… Read more »

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Some January inspiration found in the Rebar cookbook

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The snow is deep outside and my passion for cooking is totally inspired. My trip to the Winter Market in Vernon yesterday lit up my imagination for rich, thick root vegetables, stewed, roasted, simmered and warming to my winter mind. Last night I made what I call a “quick borscht” with sweet, golden beets and… Read more »

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**Cheers** to the new year

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As the new year rushes upon us, it is nice to reflect on the year past and set goals for the upcoming year. I visited new towns in BC and Alberta this year that I have never seen or been to before, met customers and new friends everywhere I went and I was once again blessed… Read more »