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Gluten-FREE Granola… just like Mom makes

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Last week my mom invited me over for a walk. I arrived at her house to the pleasant aroma of freshly-baked, homemade granola! Oh, what a smell! Ginger, cinnamon and maple syrup wafted warmly from the kitchen like nothing I have ever smelled before. The recipe had its humble beginnings in Alive magazine. But the… Read more »

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House warmings in warm houses with home-made date truffles

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It is the beginning of December… another season of sharing food. I had a house warming potluck to attend and  I needed to be inspired… I just love being welcomed into other folks’ homes to share food and company. Currently in Vernon, it is warm and quite sunny! A rare treat on a December day,… Read more »

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The talented Chef Heidi Fink and her “nutty” giveaway!

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We have some incredible customers. The stories they tell of splitting up their wholesale orders every year are so delightful. One of our great customers is chef Heidi Fink of Victoria. Chef Heidi has an infectious personality and truly makes you love food and want to make it with passion and love. Right now on… Read more »

Sue’s Savoury Nuts

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Have you ever had a potluck to go to and you just can’t find something simple to make? Or maybe you are having folks over for dinner and you want to have some snacks out for people to enjoy before the meal. Either of these issues can be solved with this one, simple little recipe! Sue… Read more »

Job fair day!

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We have a bustling warehouse on our hands right now. Hair-netted workers are busily packaging and boxing products to be shipped across Canada and sold at our retail events. On Tuesday, October 16th we held a job fair to help acquire all the new staff we need to get this big job done. We have… Read more »

Rancho Vignola and the Parade Brigade

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The Interior Provincial Exhibition (IPE) happens every September long weekend in Armstrong and let me tell you, it is a spectacle. Armstrong isn’t a big town, maybe 4,500 people not including the surrounding area. So when the town swells to host 150,000 people for five days, you feel like you are in a swarm of… Read more »

Health matters

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It is so easy to forget about eating healthy when you’re in a hurry. Rushing out the door in the morning or grabbing something at lunch time, rather than planning for healthy choices, is common in our fast paced world. There’s that tricky word… “planning.” Easier said than done, I know! Dried fruit and nuts… Read more »