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Summertime fun! A whole lot of art and music

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Rancho Vignola is a very proud supporter of the arts and music community all over BC and we are spreading our love a bit more every year. Through community sponsorships and opportunities to promote our brand, we have had the pleasure of working with many organizations to share food and fun. It truly is a… Read more »

Canmore! The gateway to Alberta… and… lots of bunnies!

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Bunnies were everywhere. Nibbling here and there, completely unattainable to a self-professed snuggly creature cuddle-lover like myself. I couldn’t catch any of those little things. Not from lack of trying, I’ll have you know! Now, Canmore, I swear, has grown by ten thousand people since I was there last year! It is such a bustling little… Read more »

Project CHEF, how we love thee…

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One of my long-term goals in life has always been to be part of an educational program that helps people learn about the importance of eating a whole foods diet. I figured that that meant I needed to work with adults who had not learned to cook very well. Boy, was I wrong on that… Read more »

Hitting the blogging highway with Rancho Vignola

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Having just come out of a Spring Clearance Event online that attracted WAY more customers than we anticipated, we are learning a lot about the art of online purchasing. How to appeal to our amazing customers, as well as keep our inventory records up to date and functioning. Business is so unique these days. A business like ours? Completely unique!… Read more »

Chia Pudding, anyone?

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Chia seeds are remarkable tiny morsels of goodness and I have found them to be a necessary part of my regular diet. Get it… regular? Well, that’s what I meant! Just make sure you drink plenty of water when you first start eating chia seeds! Once you place chia seeds in a liquid, they will continue… Read more »