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Nature's Bounty Awaits

Crack into the freshest selection of Nuts, Dried Fruits, and Seeds at Rancho Vignola - taste the New Crop Difference today! 💚

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Easy to taste. Impossible to forget.



Choose from twenty-six varieties, including options for cooking, baking, snacking and organic. Or go almond out and try them all.



The eight varieties include raw, organic, roasted and salted. Find a Rancho Vignola cashew for just about whatever you want.



You won’t find sweeter walnuts anywhere. They’re gorgeous in a salad, stew or dessert. An organic walnut option is also available.



The eight varieties are highlighted by our Thompson raisins that dry naturally to give them more flavour. Look for chocolate-covered and yogurt-covered options as well.



Roasted, blanched and either salted, unsalted or dry roasted organic. Rancho Vignola peanuts are grown in the US and roasted in Vancouver.



Varieties include a dessert date (the sweeter Barhi date), an exotic date (the juicy Medjool date) and everyone’s first date (the common Deglet date).



Available in baby halves, jumbo halves and organic jumbo halves. We also sell pecan pieces to cut pre-baking prep time.

Dried Mango

Dried Mango

Our sliced mango’s been called “fruit jerky” and “dried sunshine,” and both names are well-earned. They’re the perfect healthy snack on the go.



The cane sweetened, organic cane sweetened and an organic juice sweetened variety for people who want a healthier option — all grown in Quebec.



Our delectably soft and tart sundried apricots are great for salads. The chewy jumbos are perfect for snacking. The organic variety pairs great with cheese. And all three accentuate savoury dishes.


We earned our 5-star
rating over 40 years.

What started as a natural food store in Vernon, BC, is now home to the freshest new crop nuts and dried fruit on the market.

Passionate like you

If you call, you’ll speak to someone who cares about freshness the way you do.


Our farmers are our partners. We have worked together with some of our farmers for over 40 years.

Paying it forward always

We never warehouse product from one harvest to the next. Remaining product is donated to food banks, charities and wildlife rehab facilities across Canada.

Proudly Canadian

We enthusiastically support Canadian athletics and improving performance through better nutrition.

The secret's out

  • positive review  I was at their market in Salmon Arm put my name in for a basket draw and won .The nuts and dried fruit are delicious. Thank you so much Rancho Vignola

    Gayle Hornberger Avatar Gayle Hornberger

    positive review  Une compagnie responsable qui offre une gamme de produits de qualités. un gros merci!

    Jacynthe Vandal Avatar Jacynthe Vandal

    positive review  Amazing fresh products and my baskets are very well balanced and the presentation is wonderful. A big thank you to Cory Bialecki for introducing me to this great local company!

    Bonita Lundquist Avatar Bonita Lundquist
  • positive review  We received our first ever very large group order yesterday and are thrilled with the packaging and the items we've sampled are amazingly delicious!! We will definitely be ordering again in the future!

    Janice Gerald Avatar Janice Gerald

    positive review  The nuts and dried fruit at Rancho Vignola are the best! I have been buying them for five years and won't go anywhere else. Of course until I run out of them way sooner than I planned to! if you hike or Snowshoe or ski make sure you pick up their Trail they are wonderful and good value for what you get!

    Cheryl Howse Avatar Cheryl Howse

    positive review  Great quality! Well packaged.

    Richard Straw Avatar Richard Straw
  • positive review  They are so fresh and tasty!

    Marvel Enge-Taphorn Avatar Marvel Enge-Taphorn

    positive review  the quality of the nuts and fruit. the flavour and freshness is incredible. when I run out and have to purchase other nuts the difference is instantly noticeable. my family notices immediately as well.

    LE Robb Avatar LE Robb

    positive review  My first year buying from Rancho Vignola and I'm so impressed with their quality products! I take every opportunity to tell friends, family, and co-workers about it!

    Mindy Gudmundson Avatar Mindy Gudmundson
  • positive review  Received the maple almonds and antioxident trail mix for Christmas from my parents in Enderby. (We also snuck some of the chocolate almonds gifted to Dad.) Returned to Vancouver with our goodies only to devour the maple almonds in three days! Hoped to find them somewhere here, but upon reading the website see they are seasonal only. Hope the nut fair comes to Vancouver next year. The maple almonds were amazing! Must try!

    Kayla Black Avatar Kayla Black

    positive review  I wish there was a better rating than excellent. I just received my first order. My entire experience with this company was great. Everything is so fresh and tastes fantastic. I've never eaten better Medjool dates. I'm so happy someone recommended your company to me. I will be placing more orders in the future.

    Heather Fraser Avatar Heather Fraser

    positive review  The freshest nuts and dried fruits you can buy! Absolutely delicious!

    Leah Lindgren Avatar Leah Lindgren
  • positive review  I had an amazing visit to British Columbia and had an opportunity to try these dried nuts and fruit. I was glad they gave me some to take back to the States with me. They are delicious. Thanks Richard and Sue for your hospitality and sharing such great products.

    Benita Lewis Owens Avatar Benita Lewis Owens

    positive review  Our family love Rancho Vignola products. It's such an excitement when the boxes all arrive in November. We open them and have even taken pictures to send to our friends back east. We are vegan and these nutrients are so valuable to our diet. I was just at a ladies get together and brought some hazel almonds and mulberries. They were asking me about RV. One friend said that they were so fresh and oily. I store them in the freezer so they stay perfect. Thank you for providing us with such nutrient dense food!!!

    Deb Deb Avatar Deb Deb

    positive review  We have been buying nuts, seeds and dried fruit from Rancho Vignola for a number of years and have been extremely satisfied with all the products we receive. All products are fresh and delicious! We have tried a few of the recipes from their newsletters and have been very pleased with the results! We have no hesitation singing their praised to our family and friends!

    Debbie Chernoff Argatoff Avatar Debbie Chernoff Argatoff
  • positive review  We LOVE Rancho Vignola! Wholesale Ordering is a breeze. The hardest part is simply deciding what you NEED, because you will WANT everything! The most fun is trying all those lovely little samples at the Harvest events, and catching up with friends. Rancho Vignola really is about community,

    Earl Makortoff Avatar Earl Makortoff

    positive review  Love the fresh yearly orders that fill my jars and freezer-Thanks for a fabulous collection of products and healthy snacks for my families lunches!!!

    Annette Witteman Avatar Annette Witteman

    positive review  I purchase every year before Christmas, both for baking and gifts. People love receiving the flavoured nuts, though it's hard to stay out of the bag and actually give them away! In the last couple of years I've also tried some of the items from the confections part of the catalogue, and they've also been big hits!

    Liz Robertson Avatar Liz Robertson
  • I started purchasing nuts and dried fruit from RV in 2002 through my friend's co-op in Coldstream, BC. When we moved away in 2007, I started my own RV co-op on Salt Spring Island, BC. We have about 20 members in our co-op and we reach the case price for most of our items. I wholeheartedly believe in the quality and ethical standards of RV. The organic selection is huge, and I also deeply appreciate the fair trade selection of sugar and chocolate - two foods that are extremely prone to exploitation of workers. We make sure to stock up for the year, and because the products are so fresh, we are able to enjoy everything we buy for months, and in some cases, for years. I am very grateful for the opportunity to support RV and recommend their products to everyone!

    Leonie Muldoon Avatar Leonie Muldoon

    positive review  We have been receiving dried fruit and nuts from Rancho Vignola for a few years now and have found nothing but good quality. I can always be assured to receive a fresh harvest every year!

    Yvonne Neufeld Gagnon Avatar Yvonne Neufeld Gagnon

    positive review  I've been a RV fan since a friend introduced me a few years ago! My family has always been big consumers of nuts and dried fruit, and we have bought from a variety of sources (often bulk food stores), with mixed results. Any products I can buy from RV, I buy exclusively from them now. RV products are outstanding and I love the organic options. Most of the products I buy freeze well and last 1-2 years (although many don't make it until ordering time the following year because they get eaten!). My favorite products are the mini pecans and the box of 10 pre-packaged bags of trail mixes. The latter make great teacher and holiday gifts, as they arrive just in time for December.

    Tasha Murray Avatar Tasha Murray
  • positive review  We've been "nuts" about Rancho Vignola for nearly 20 years!! Each year, we purchase enough product online to qualify for free freight on our shipment. We do our own "mix-up" when the products arrive....we pour peanuts (no salt) + peanuts (with salt) + mixed nuts (no salt) + mixed nuts (with salt) out of their well-sealed bags into a giant stainless bowl, and then re-bag the custom-made mix. This is the happy sampling time 🙂 Yumm! These Rancho products are SO FRESH and tasty. Thanks, Rancho, for bringing a 'fresh' smile to our face every Fall 🙂

    Ruth Klassen Avatar Ruth Klassen

    positive review  A couple years ago, a friend told me about Rancho Vignola and I gave it a try. Up until then, I had never known what a truly fresh walnut tasted like! My family and I are hooked. We look forward to the annual browse through the online catalogue of delicious nuts and dried fruits. We are extremely grateful to have discovered this great company.

    Barbara Fairwell Olson Avatar Barbara Fairwell Olson

    positive review  Wow! For the freshest, tastiest nuts and dried fruits, Rancho Vignola can't be beaten! Friends who thought they didn't like walnuts have been converted since tasting the freshness and quality Rancho offers, and now order them annually.

    Claudia McLeod Perry Avatar Claudia McLeod Perry
  • positive review  We have lived everything we've tried so far! Unsweetened dried pineapple is the best!

    Paula Smith Avatar Paula Smith

    positive review  Check out Rancho Vignola for excellent selection of dried fruits and nuts. Always very tasty and sourced mostly locally. We stock up for a year of baking!

    David Brooke Avatar David Brooke

    We have been ordering fruit, nuts, seeds and awesome chocolate from Rancho Vignola for over 10 years. The quality is always excellent and the service is fantastic. And the dark chocolate ginger is AMAZING 🙂

    Hawk Bay Avatar Hawk Bay
  • I absolutely love Rancho Vignola. I had always thought what I was buying was fresh and was I ever wrong. I can't get over the difference. We love having a large supply of nuts, seeds and dried fruits at our disposal, it makes such a difference in our cooking! Thanks Rancho!

    Aimee-Jo Benoit Avatar Aimee-Jo Benoit

    positive review  We have been enjoying your nuts, seeds and dried fruits for number of years. As my children grow older, the products run out quicker. The quality is fantastic! Every year I have more friends ask about your products. I will keep spreading words!

    Akiko Shima Avatar Akiko Shima

    positive review  My family has been ordering from Rancho Vignola for the last three years and have never received anything but high quality products. Nuts and seeds are so fresh you never realized they could taste so good! Strongly recommend trying the organic cranberries, 70% chocolate, and Incan berries (once you've had those you never go back). Worth paying a couple extra bucks for sure for these goodies.

    Stephanie Leithead Avatar Stephanie Leithead

We do things
differently here

To bring the freshest products to our customers every year, we don’t settle for the status quo. In September, you can pre-order wholesale quantities at wholesale prices. From December through July, you can order as much or as little as you like. Once we sell out of a product, we won’t stock more until the next harvest so get them while you can.