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Fundraising Opportunities

From team sports to charities, many community organizations rely on fundraising campaigns in order to keep running. Rancho Vignola loves that so many of our customers have run highly successful fundraisers using our quality products.

Since we import the Best of the New Crop nuts, seeds, dried fruit, confections, and baking goods from around the world, only once a year, many of our customers look forward to that time of year so they can order wholesale packages specifically for fundraising events. Besides offering a fantastic variety of the freshest products—our wholesale prices are similar to those a retail grocery or health food store would pay, which means there is a lot of room to mark up prices for resale to generate fundraising income.

Make Up To 70% Profit Margin

Fundraising groups usually purchase our products in full cases, and then offer their members smaller packages on a customized retail price list/order form at marked-up prices. The difference in price between the wholesale price per pound and the retail package price per pound is the mark-up, usually around 45-70%, which are standard fundraising mark-ups. Depending on the package size, these mark-ups represent the profit your group can generate. We publish a wholesale price list in early September, which lists all products sold in full case amounts and in ‘split cases’ of 5 lb bags.


August 15-31 
Select products for your customized price list and contact us! Or simply use our recommended list of best selling products. Because the new crop wholesale price list is not established until early September, you must base your choices on last year’s product list. Contact us ahead of time if you need a copy. Prices and products can change slightly from year to year, so your final custom order form will be adjusted as necessary. 

September 8-10 
The new crop wholesale price list is available online. Your customized fundraising price list with final price adjustments should also be ready around this time. 

September 23-28 
Deadline by which all your members should have their orders in. You will need a day or so to compile these orders and finalize your total quantities, rounding off your totals to make up full cases wherever possible. Now you are ready to make your wholesale order online.

September 26-30 
Rancho Vignola’s wholesale ordering deadline always falls on a date between September 26th and 30th, depending on the day of the week. Set up a deadline day for your customers at least two days prior to ours. 

November 15-30 
Depending on your location, you can expect to receive your order between these dates. We can give you a firmer delivery date closer to shipping time. 

Once your order is received, you can gather your volunteers together for packaging. After packaging you are ready for your distribution day, when customers come to pick up their orders and perhaps buy those extra items you may have available! Predetermined by you, this day ideally would be advertised on your order form. 

Fundraising with Rancho Vignola’s top-quality products ensures a successful campaign, which will rapidly grow through word-of-mouth customer satisfaction and in profits for your organization. 

We look forward to being of service to you with this year’s Best of the New Crop nuts and dried fruit!

Making a Successful Campaign

If you can get the order form out to your group’s members promptly in September, you will probably have roughly two weeks for your campaign. It doesn’t sound like very long, but it can be advantageous to have a focused campaign with a deadline as people will give it their prompt attention and not just put it on top of the fridge and forget about it! 

To further enhance the success of your campaign, it’s a good idea to have your fundraising committee volunteers call or email your group’s members individually at the beginning of the campaign to make sure that they received the order form, they understand the ordering process and they are aware of the firm order deadline. If you have adequate time and volunteers, call again a day or two before the deadline to remind them time is almost over! 

Some schools’ parent advisory committees send out an informative letter describing the fall campaign before summer break so that when school starts again in September parents have been pre-warned and are ready and eager to order!

Customized Order Forms

The retail order form you send out to your fundraising group can be customized by narrowing the product selection down to popular, top-selling items, and offering them in packages of 1 lb (454 g), 2 lb (907 g), and 5 lb (2.27 kg). We can produce a customized order form for you, listing only the items you wish to sell—suggested products are listed on the sample order form and product selection can also be tailored to suit your group’s requirements.

If you don’t already have one, please email us for a copy of last year’s wholesale price list so that you can see our full range of products and begin making your selection. If you decide to go ahead with a fundraising campaign for this fall, the sooner you decide on a final selection of products and get it to us, the better! 

Placing An Order

Once you’ve selected products that meet the $500 wholesale minimum, it’s time to place your order. Most of our customers find it most convenient to order online as it is accessible 24 hours a day, allows payments to be made securely, and provides an automatic confirmation of your order details. If you are unable to order online, you are also welcome to place your order by email, phone or fax. All wholesale orders must be submitted before the wholesale ordering deadline; however, due to the congestion we experience towards the deadline, it’s best to get your order in earlier if you can.

Packaging Your Group’s Order

Once your order is received you will need to have a location for your volunteers to split cases and bag everything into smaller packages for individual orders. Rancho Vignola offers zip seal bags for purchase but you may also need:

  • A scale or two
  • A couple of scoops
  • Poly food service gloves
  • Hair nets
  • Large, clean packing area with lots of counter space, and power outlets.

If you are a fundraising group selling to your own members, you are not bound by any food safety regulations—however, when handling food it’s important to be scrupulously clean. Packaging is not a hard job and your volunteers will probably have a lot of fun doing it! We can give you more details about packaging upon request.

Deadlines, Delivery and Other Details

Coordinators will establish the group’s own ordering deadline and delivery/pick-up day (we can include this information on the order form). The group’s order deadline should be at least two days earlier than ours so that you have time to consolidate all your orders into one wholesale order and then place the order on our website. Don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions about placing your order.

We begin shipping orders early in November and you’ll be notified when your order ships. If you have a specific date you need to receive your order by please let us know when you place your order. Please note that not all products are available to ship in early November, so if planning for a specific delivery and distribution day it is best to plan for later in the month.