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As you may already know—Rancho Vignola offers wholesale pre-ordering, which begins in early September and continues until the end of September. A wholesale order must meet a $500 minimum and while many will place wholesale orders as individuals or purchase products for resale in a retail environment—most of our customers will combine their orders with family, friends, and co-workers—this is called a buying group.

A buying group is the perfect way to meet the ordering minimum, order full case lots for the best prices, and sample a wider variety of products.

Organizing a buying group is simple! First off you’ll want to contact those you think will be interested—make sure to ask that they reply by a certain date so you can determine if you have a committed group well before ordering starts.

Once your group is confirmed, you will want to designate a coordinator for the group to ensure that timelines are met. We can provide an Excel price list to help with compiling your group’s multiple orders—which then can be easily placed on our website as a single order.

The group’s designated coordinator will have the following responsibilities:

  • Acts as a contact for Rancho Vignola in correspondence regarding your group’s order.
  • Distributes the wholesale price list to the group members.
  • Compiles each member’s individual order into one wholesale order.
  • Submits the final order to us before the wholesale ordering deadline.
  • Collects payment from group members and submits a single payment to Rancho Vignola for the entire wholesale order.
  • Arranges for delivery at one location.
  • Upon delivery, verifies that the order is complete and undamaged.
  • Organize packaging and distribution of the group’s individual orders—a scale is very helpful for this process, if you or your group will be splitting the order.

Some coordinators choose to allow only orders of either full cases or “split cases” of 5 lb bags so no packaging is required upon receiving the order, while others choose to repackage the products themselves. Since this can be a significant amount of labour, it is a service that should be compensated.  We recommend placing a surcharge of 10% – 15% on the cost of the product to cover time and labour. Other coordinators arrange for group members to help with the packaging and distribution of the orders. Your buying group can be organized whichever way works best for you.

Be sure to check out our FAQ page or contact us for more information. Fundraising for sports teams, charities and community groups is also available through our wholesale ordering period.