Dried Fruit Tray – 750 g

After many years with the same design, our Dried Fruit Tray has been revamped. Out with the wicker tray and shrink-wrap, in with a clear tray and a four-way divider. The new clear tray will be filled with Deglet dates, golden figs, sun-dried nectarines and sun-dried pears.

Weight and design of individual dried fruit gift packs may vary slightly due to fluctuating size and weight of each piece of fruit.

*photo for demonstration only as ingredients and design may vary

Please note: Gift packs are primarily intended for the Christmas gift-giving season and after a few months of storage the natural sugars in the dried fruit may rise to the surface and form a white coating. Although this sugar crystallization in no way alters the taste, the fresh look can be maintained by keeping them cool, double-wrapped and dry.

Country of origin: Canada

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Category: gourmet gifts

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