What makes our products so tasty and unique?
We're driven by a love for fresh, top-notch natural foods and the joy of sharing them.
Step 1
The crop grows!
Nuts, fruits, and seeds along with many other plant based foods grow on an annual cycle. They're amazingly shelf-stable natural foods once harvested and dried, but freshness still makes a big difference!
Step 2
Rancho Vignola gets ready.
As summer progresses we work with farmers and begin to organize for the arrival of the new crop harvest.
Our Wholesale New Crop pre-ordering opportunity is open each September.
Step 3
Harvest Time!
Through the late summer and fall the harvest finishes ripening. A lot of hard work and passion for providing quality natural foods goes into harvesting and preparing the new crop for everyone to enjoy.
Step 4
The New Crop Arrives!
Throughout the fall we receive the new crop, fresh from harvest! We then divide and share the Best of the New Crop with Canadians across the country.
Step 5
Out to you.
Wholesale pre-orders ship to you throughout November as the new crop foods arrive to us.
Open ordering is available from December 1st - July 31st annually.
Step 6
Fun with Food.
We enjoy eating our products all year long as is or incorporated into endless savoury and sweet recipes and meals. Let's connect and get excited about food while we wait for next season's harvest!
Step 7
What happens with left over food?
While our products boast a multi-year shelf life, we exclusively offer foods from the current year's harvest. Giving back is important to the entire team at Rancho Vignola, and our seasonal selling allows us to contribute to communities across Canada after the season concludes!
We recognize the impact of paying it forward and aspire to uplift others by annually donating all remaining products for the season to food banks, schools, wildlife, animal care centers and charities across Canada.
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