Cashews – Raw, Pieces – ORGANIC

Cashews grow as a drupe, inside hard shells with the nut growing below the cashew apple. Processing cashews for consumption is very labour-intensive and very little is mechanized. While there are some by-products produced during growing and processing, every part is used, helping to lower the environmental impacts to produce these delicious nuts so many love.

Rancho’s organic cashews are already in pieces for your convenience, no chopping required! Perfect for making into cashew milk or butter, using to thicken soups or gravy. Add a handful of our cashews to your next meal for a hit of magnesium and calcium, and even to help manage blood glucose levels.

Country of origin: Vietnam

Ingredients: Organic cashews. Contains: Tree nuts. May contain milk ingredients, peanuts, sesame seeds, soya, wheat and mustard.

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