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Claire Dibble: artist and adventurer

August 13, 2019

Rancho Vignola is excited to introduce you to one of our new and unique sponsored athletes – and an artist: Claire Dibble.

Claire is an incredible artist, photographer, writer and adventurer currently living in Golden, BC.

Travel, adventure and exploration are very important to Claire’s lifestyle.

Her newest adventure will take place this summer and have her leaving Golden and adventuring solo, down the Columbia River in her touring kayak she hand-built with her father.

She calls this the Watershed Moments project.

She expects it to take four months, paddling the 2,000 kilometres between Canal Flats, BC, and Astoria, Oregon. In preparation for this trek she has been reading many books chronicling the history of the Columbia River and particularly the renegotiations of the Columbia River Treaty.

During this trek she will be photographing her adventure and putting together a collection of stories and perspectives of the people she meets along the way.

Claire’s goal for this trek: “I hope that the resulting work will encourage viewers to contemplate their connection to the natural environment, and will allow people with different views to see one another through a lens of compassion and interest.”

The finished project will be a multilayered exhibition with:

  • “…the handcrafted kayak bearing scars of the journey and marks of the people I meet along the way…
  • “…a series of photographic prints and…
  • “…a collaborative trip log with both planned and spontaneous entries from people in river communities.”

Working with Claire putting together nutritious products that will also travel well and keep her fuelled on her trek down the Columbia River has been a unique experience and a lot of fun. She is very open and adventurous with her palate. Wanting to be surprised with what products Rancho provides, even asking if we have any less popular products to include, as she “likes a challenge to create new recipes,” she says, “I live to eat. I find joy in the colours and textures, tastes and even sounds of many foods.”

We invite you to take a look at Claire’s website, a beautiful collection of art and stories from previous projects she’s been involved with and a great way to follow her as she adventures down the Columbia River on her Watershed Moments project. You can also find updates on her work and adventures on her Instagram: @dibbledibble.

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