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Making Connections – The multigenerational farming family behind our BC apple chips

September 22, 2022

It was a real treat to connect with one of our newest suppliers, who also happen to be the most local to us. Blossom River Organics is a multigenerational family farm in Cawston, B.C., and while they sell primarily fresh apples and cherries, they also make the best dried apple chips weโ€™ve ever had. 

When they purchased their orchard, they were brand new to organic farming, and ever since it’s become an all-encompassing passion and way of life. The town of Cawston which they work and live in is known as the Organic Farming Capital of Canada, its geographical location provides a basically perfect micro climate for growing top quality organic foods successfully.

Cawston is an incredibly scenic area, and with the allure of top quality organic produce, wine, and cider, we’ve enjoyed spending time there in years past. In the summer of 2021 we booked a family celebratory weekend in the area, and as we were driving though we happened to see a sign for their farm along the road which caught our eye. We reached out to them as soon as we got back to work, and as you might have noticed last year, we began to offer their absolutely amazing apple chips right away.

“We truly believe that food which is closer to itโ€™s pure and natural origins is what we deserve. We champion clean, minimally processed products directly from our own family farm โ€“ food as it was meant to be eaten.”

Blossom River Organics

It was a beautiful morning to drive from Armstrong to Cawston, and upon our arrival at their orchard we found Manny on a tractor moving apple bins for picking. It was the first day of apple picking this year, and the orchard was buzzing with energy.

While we’re working directly with Manny, there’s actually 4 generations living and working on their organic farm. After meeting some of their family, it was immediately apparent how this family works together to make it all happen, and everyone plays an important supporting roll.

Despite it being a very busy day on the farm, Manny graciously took the time to show us their orchard, as well as their drying and packaging facility. As we learned more about their family, how they’re farming, and how they process the apple chips we are even more excited and proud to be offering them to Canadians across the country. We hope you all enjoy these outstanding apple chips as much as we do.

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