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Health matters

September 10, 2012

It is so easy to forget about eating healthy when you’re in a hurry. Rushing out the door in the morning or grabbing something at lunch time, rather than planning for healthy choices, is common in our fast paced world. There’s that tricky word… “planning.” Easier said than done, I know!

Dried fruit and nuts are convenient grab-and-go snacks! They are semi-perishable and can be kept in your cupboard for a year when bought fresh. I keep the bulk of my dried fruits, nuts, and seeds in my freezer and transfer them to my cupboard when I need them. That way, I’m not always having to dig around in my freezer and my cupboard stays well stocked for the year.

Breakfast is such an important meal. It truly sets the course for one’s day. Eating a nutritious breakfast isn’t always easy. We sometimes don’t leave enough time in the morning to eat properly. But a few tricks for making the right choices are:

Have your oats set out the night before with a good choice of dried fruit and nuts added to them for nutrition and taste. Then, in the morning, you just add water and simmer for 15 minutes or so. Pack it in a thermos or enjoy right away with a dollop of yogurt on top.

***Believe it or not, if you soak your oats and fixings overnight you retain more nutrition and they cook faster! Soaking your nuts and seeds helps to remove the enzyme inhibitor that prevents nuts and seeds from sprouting prematurely. This makes them easier to digest.

Another quick breakfast idea is a smoothie! I especially love these in the summer months. Pack in some fresh berries, about twelve soaked almonds (soaked overnight in just enough water to cover them), a tablespoon of hemp seeds, half a frozen banana (I freeze my bananas in halves once they turn brown), a touch of vanilla, some yogurt, and a bit of orange juice. Blend and enjoy!

These simple planned breakfasts make running out the door nutritious and cheap! Cheap because you skip the bagel or muffin you usually grab from your favourite coffee joint. Plus, you feel satiated and ready for the day rather than sluggish and yucky from no breakfast or one packed with too much sugar and hydrogenated oils.

YOUR health matters! May your body be healthy and your snacks taste good!

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