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Let the FUN-draising begin!

August 08, 2014

Wholesome Products + Healthy Profits =
Successful Fundraising


Rancho Vignola has made it easy to fundraise!

So many organizations are looking for unique ways to raise money, why not try it with us!

We offer high-quality, nutritionally-dense food that sells itself, and we make ourselves available to ensure that your fundraising campaign goes off without a hitch.

Pat and samples

Selling Small Packages + Ordering Full Cases +
Having a Volunteer “Bag Down” Party = Profits!

Fundraising Potential Revenue

Our fundraising form features our most popular, top-selling products with built-in profit margins. We also can customize an order form to suit the needs of the organization.

Fundraising Campaign Timeline:

September 8 ~ 10

The new crop wholesale price list is available via email. Your customized price list with final price adjustments should also be ready around this time.

September 10 ~ 26

This is the time you have to distribute the order forms to your customers and sell as much product as you can!

September 26 ~ 30

Rancho Vignola’s wholesale ordering deadline always falls on a date between September 26th and 30th, depending on the day of the week. Set up a deadline day for your customers about three days prior to ours.

November 15 ~ 30

Depending on your location you can expect to receive your order between these dates. We can give you a firmer delivery date closer to shipping time.


Key points to remember when fundraising with Rancho Vignola (RV):

  • RV will provide you with a working spreadsheet in which you can track your sales and easily see your profit margins.
  • RV will provide you with the resealable bags that you will need to sell your product.
  • RV recommends using a hand sealer to seal your bags before distributing them to your customers.
  • Rancho Vignola recommends using a calibrated scale to weigh your product for packaging.

RV encourages you to use proper, food-safe-approved methods of weighing and bagging your product for distribution (e.g. hairnets, gloves, proper hand-washing procedures and a designated, clean space to work in).

Please feel free to contact Jayme McKillop at for support or questions.

1 comment for Let the FUN-draising begin!

  1. hello
    I am interested in the fundraising campaign again this year please contact me asap. 2503194301 i have a new email this year and must have missed your email notices early season. I ordered a large amount yesterday however i may order more re the fundraising. i will need the new order form/ pricelist to distribute. last year it was titled (xc ski nuts) cross country ski nuts with a photo of my son Alex McDonald racing on the page. i see i am already behind on your timelines….. i promise one year i will be early!
    thank you Tammy McDonald Barriere BC 250672-0121 home or 250-319-4301 cell

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