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New must-try products for 2019

September 04, 2019

With wholesale ordering starting today we are thrilled to highlight some new additions and changes to our product list this year!

Of particular interest is the almond flour that’s perfect for baking.

We take the requests you send us seriously, and try to find exciting new products to share.

Keep reading for full details on all our 2019 new-crop products.

Almonds – Dry Roasted

Almonds are one of the most popular nuts on the market and a favourite with our customers. With ever-growing demand for more options, we’re happy to now offer conventional dry-roasted almonds in addition to our organic variety. From the same trusted supplier as our other conventional almonds, we’re sure you’ll love these as much as we do.

Hazelnuts – Raw; and Hazelnuts – Dry Roasted

While we have always offered hazelnuts, the big change for this year is the return to a local BC supplier. We are very excited to announce that after many years the BC hazelnut industry is finally recovering from the devastating blight that wiped out the industry in 2010. Our new supplier on the BC coast is excited for the upcoming harvest and he hopes to be able to also offer us certified organic hazelnuts in the next few years.

Above: Hazelnuts, Raw (left); Hazelnuts, Dry-Roasted (right).

Pecans – Raw, Jumbo Halves – ORGANIC

Due to popular demand we’re now offering an organic option of our jumbo-sized pecans! These beautiful pecans are deliciously sweet and will be a perfect addition to your pantry for snacking and baking needs.

Pecans – Raw, Pieces – ORGANIC

For anyone who loves to bake, being able to easily add pecans to any recipe without chopping can be a great time-saver. While this is not a new addition to the product list this year, we have changed to a new supplier that we are very excited about. These organic pecan pieces are an excellent quality with both great taste and consistency in the size of the pieces, making them an easy addition to your recipes. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Orange Rings, Natural – ORGANIC

Our dried fruit products are always popular, from our peaches and nectarines to our dried strawberries. This year we are excited to offer something new and unique: organic orange rings! These are coming to us from the same trusted family company that provides us with organic dried pears and organic dried peaches. After receiving a delicious sample this year we knew it was something we wanted to share with all of you. We can’t wait for you to try it too and hear your feedback!

Above: Orange Slices, Natural – Organic.

Pineapple Rings – Natural – ORGANIC

From the same long time and trusted supplier as our always popular unsulphured pineapple rings and Mexican mangoes, these beauties are now certified organic! We’re very excited to be able to offer another certified organic product to our list. The pineapple is processed in the same way as the unsulphured variety everyone has come to know and love, just now it can boast it’s certified organic status too.

Almond Flour

You asked, we listened. Due to popular demand we’ve decided to venture into a new territory and offer almond flour for the first time! Almond flour is naturally gluten-free, low-carb and very high in nutrients. If you haven’t tried this excellent substitute for traditional wheat flour yet, be sure to add some to this year’s order. We hope you enjoy this new addition to our baking line!

Above: Almond Flour – Extra Fine.

Golden Cane Sugar – ORGANIC

Expanding on our baking line, we’re happy to bring you another high-quality, fair-trade product to fulfill more of your cooking needs. This golden cane sugar is technically called turbinado sugar, and thus making it a better replacement for white sugar in most recipes than the other darker sugar options we offer. This sugar still has a slight caramel flavour that comes from the original molasses left over from the sugar cane, and it can add more depth of flavour to your kitchen creations when you use it as a white sugar replacement.

Rancho’s Anniversary Fruit Mix – ORGANIC

We’re very happy to announce that our premium dried fruit mix is now certified organic! No changes to the mix itself otherwise. Previously, all ingredients except for the pineapple rings were certified organic; now that they’re organic we can call our class mix organic as well!

Rancho’s Anniversary Nut Mix, Raw – ORGANIC

We’ve added our amazing organic whole macadamias to this premium quality raw nut mix. We’re sure you’ll love this taste-bud-pleasing new addition that has been added in replacement of the shelled pistachios, which have arrived late the last few years, delaying the making of this mix. A great snack as is, it’s also a very versatile base for making your own flavoured nuts at home and adding to many baking and cooking recipes.

Yogurt Covered Almonds

Rounding out our selection of yogurt-covered goodies, we’ve decided to add yogurt-covered almonds to our product line. We hope those of you out there with a sweet tooth enjoy!

Above: Yogurt-Covered Almonds.

Chocolate Truffle Almonds

Creamy chocolate-coated truffle almonds are sure to please any crowd! These chocolate almonds are coated with a dusting of cocoa powder and have been featured in our Premium Chocolate Almond tray in the past. Now available on their own in our premium confection line!

Double Chocolate Strawberries

These are simply amazing. We’ve been bringing them in for our Sassy Strawberry Gourmet Gift and we had many requests to list them on their own. Strawberries and chocolate, the perfect pairing. Be sure to hide the bag when you receive it; they will disappear quickly.

Above: Double Chocolate Strawberries.

Almonds – Honey Glazed – ORGANIC

We’re excited to offer our first certified organic flavoured almonds! These honey-glazed almonds are sweet, crunchy and oh so satisfying. From the same supplier as our raw organic almonds, you can be sure these have been ethically grown by one of our oldest and most trusted suppliers. While the product speaks for itself, we also love that they are very invested in using bee- and environmentally-friendly farming practices and implementing water preservation systems.

Trail Delight

Our Trail Delight Gourmet Gift has received a makeover this year! Due to the traditional wicker baskets getting harder to source, and their inconsistencies resulting in more waste, we’ve decided to put this well-loved mix into a consistently sized clear container. While the look has changed, the mix inside is the same you’ve come to know and love.

Above: Trail Delight.

Sweet & Salty Nut Mix

Our Sweet & Salty Nut Mix is changing this year! While we enjoyed having the Coconut Curry Chocolate Cashews in the mix, there was limited availability this year, so we needed to make a change. While it is different, we think it’s even better now, featuring more of our Gourmet Chocolate Nut Mix. That means that you can expect to enjoy milk and dark chocolate-covered macadamias, almonds, cashews, walnuts and pecans!

Above: Sweet & Salty Nut Mix.

Dried Fruit Tray

After many years with the same design, our Dried Fruit Tray has been revamped. Out with the wicker tray and shrink wrap, in with a clear tray and a four-way divider. The new clear tray will be filled with Deglet dates, golden figs, sun-dried nectarines and sun-dried pears.

Above: Dried Fruit Tray.

We can’t wait for you to try all of our new or updated products this year! If you have any questions before placing your order, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And when you receive your orders, do let us know what you think of the new products – your feedback is very important to us!

Looking for something that we don’t carry? Let us know and we’ll add it to the short list of products that we will consider for next year.

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