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Spring Sale 2023 – All you need to know

March 01, 2023

It’s March 1st which means our annual Spring Sale is now on and until March 15th!

We’re all about new crop foods, always fresh from the most recent harvest, as such we never carry-over our products to sell from one harvest season to the next. This is our biggest sale of the year to sell though the majority of the remaining current crop we have. Once something is sold out, we wont have it again until the upcoming fall harvest.

After our Spring Sale ends we remain open for new orders until July 31st, but don’t miss out on the numerous and stackable discounts now! Any products remaining after July are then donated to food banks and other charitable organizations across Canada, one of the way we give back in support of others. We then start over each harvest season with new crop pre-ordering in September. This unique seasonal ordering system allows us to always have the very freshest and highest quality natural foods available!


  • Volume discounts of 15% off orders over $300 or 25% off orders over $500
  • 25% off a selection of individually discounted products, the full list is available at the bottom of this blog
  • Any Gourmet Gifts ordered will receive a second one free (buy one get one free, buy two get two free!)
  • Individual product and volume discounts are stackable!

Group Ordering & Making Additions:

When possible please place orders and additions to orders online through our website. When making additions they must be placed by the original orderer using the original account. You can make additions to you order if it has not yet been processed for shipment. If your additions bump the order over a volume discount level we will apply the volume discount to all parts of the order that are shipped together. If you will be making additions please leave us a comment when placing the original order if at all possible, so we do not ship it until you confirm the order is complete. We will then hold your orders and combine them together for shipment, and to to make sure all parts receive the max discount level.

Unfortunately our website does not recognize the overall volume discount when additions are placed, we will adjust your orders and refund you if a higher volume discount qualifies.

Quick Order Page:

Are you familiar with our products already and don’t need the photos or full product details? You can find a simple text only ordering layout here:


Free shipping for orders over $100 to most locations in Canada. Due to the high cost to ship to some remote or rural areas, there could be a portion of freight charge passed on. We will contact you to discuss options if this applies to your order, and rest assured we are still covering the majority of the cost. Our shipping team is very creative and we will do everything in our power to cover all shipping costs whenever possible.  

Full list of individually discounted products:

The below listed products are all individually discounted by 25%! See our online shop here for pricing and availability.

Almonds – Raw, Sliced

Almonds – Raw, Sliced

Brazil Nuts – Raw – ORGANIC

Cashews – Raw

Cashews – Raw – ORGANIC

Cashews – Raw, Pieces

Cashews – Raw, Pieces – ORGANIC

Hazelnuts – Dry Roasted

Hazelnuts – Dry Roasted – ORGANIC

Pecans – Raw, Jumbo Halves – ORGANIC

Pecans – Raw, Baby Halves – ORGANIC

Pine Nuts – Raw – ORGANIC

Pistachios – Raw, Shelled

Pistachios – Dry Roasted, Salted, In Shell

Hemp Seeds – Raw, Hulled

Hemp Seeds – Raw, Hulled – ORGANIC

Pumpkin Seeds – Styrian, Raw, Hulled – ORGANIC

Pumpkin Seeds – Styrian, Dry Roasted, Hulled – ORGANIC

Apple Chips – ORGANIC

Apricots – Jumbo

Apricots – Sun Dried Halves

Blueberries – Sweetened – ORGANIC

Cherries – Bing, Pitted – No Sulphur

Figs – Black Mission

Figs – Black Mission – ORGANIC

Figs – Golden

Figs – Golden – ORGANIC

Goji Berries – ORGANIC

Golden Berries – ORGANIC

Nectarines – Sun Dried Halves

Oranges – Sliced

Pears – Sun Dried Halves

Pineapple Rings – Sweetened

Pumpkin Seed Powder – Raw, 65% Protein – ORGANIC

Coconut – Medium Shred – ORGANIC

California Baker’s Fruit Medley

Cocoa Powder – ORGANIC

Milk Chocolate Wafers, 41% Cocoa – ORGANIC

White Chocolate Wafers, 40% Cocoa – ORGANIC

Dark Chocolate Wafers, 70% Cocoa – ORGANIC

Dark Chocolate Chips, 55% Cocoa – ORGANIC

White Chocolate Almond Bark

Dark Chocolate Almond Bark

Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Milk Chocolate Raisins

Chocolate Toffee Almonds

Triple Chocolate Toffee

Chocolate English Caramels

Almonds – Honey Roasted

Pistachios – Jalapeno

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