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Rancho’s long weekend ~ the Interior Provincial Exhibition parade

September 05, 2014

Rancho Vignola always participates in the parade and sponsors events and the volunteers with great food!

Every year the IPE has a theme, and this year it was “Celebrate 100 years of 4H in BC.”

4H is an organization that helps young people transition into community-oriented adults by encouraging them to get more involved in community projects and organizations across BC and Canada. Whether it is caring for farm animals or learning how to take great photographs, the 4H Club of BC is there to facilitate great learning opportunities for youth. The four “H”s stand for Head, Heart, Hands and Health, keeping in mind that all these elements of life make us great adult advocates in our communities.

Rancho Vignola got into the spirit of things with a great new float in the parade and our very own “Witty the Walnut” making the crowds smile whilst dancing along the streets of Armstrong, BC.

Armstrong Apiaries’ Doug Gordon took time out of his “bizzy” schedule to play “Witty” in the IPE parade in Armstrong.

The crowds are great at the IPE parade! Thanks, everyone, for your encouragement and well wishes.

Thanks to Don and Mardelle Hansen, we had a really nifty truck to tow our float this year.

Rancho Vignola also sponsored the popular IPE Iron Chef Competition where local professional and amatuer chefs have an opportunity to show off using some of the finest, prime ingredients the Okanagan has to offer!

I was lucky enough to be the MC for the entire 5 days of competition. It was so much fun!
I was lucky enough to be the MC for the entire 5 days of competition. It was so much fun!
Beautiful, fresh ingredients were highlighted in the IPE Iron Chef Competition 2014.

The Harvest is Coming!!

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Due to the fact that we are dealing with multiple crop harvests, we have to ensure we have our pricing right before the release.

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