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September 04, 2018

We know many of you, like us, have been suffering with the smoky skies for weeks now.

Fortunately, it’s nowhere near as bad as the deadly fires experienced in Southern California and parts of Europe.


As summer draws to a close, we believe (and hope) that British Columbia and other areas are seeing the worse of its fire season ending. One of the reasons we appreciate the fall harvest so much is not only for the delicious bounty it brings us, but also for the less extreme weather conditions and that feeling of “getting back to business”!

We have some tasty new products to tell you about below, but first let’s talk a little about pricing. Overall, prices are mostly stable, although the fluctuating Canadian dollar will always have a slight impact. More significant price increases (raisins, pecans) are due to crop failure in previous years, causing the supply to outstrip the demand and forcing prices up throughout the year. The Brazil nut harvest was back to normal this year after last year’s severe failure, resulting in a welcome price decrease. Remember, our prices are always current, from the brand new harvest, unlike other distributors who will still be selling crops from previous years!

While striving to be fair and competitive, we have never focused solely on price. Of more importance to us and, we believe, our customers, is the quality of our products, beneficial working conditions for our staff, and the trust and loyalty we have developed with our growers and processors over thirty-eight years in business. We always try to source from reputable businesses, especially those small family farms who employ best farming practices, treat their labour force well and pay them fairly, as well as for the effort they put into the sustainability of their farms. Practices such as supporting the health (and the future!) of bee colonies and investing in expensive but more efficient irrigation systems to maintain their precious water supplies.

On our wholesale price list, we make a point of including the country of origin for all of our products so that our customers can make a personal decision when it comes to their purchases. In the current climate of negotiating trade talks with the US, which do not appear to be going well, we want you to know that we support the US growers whom we’ve been dealing with for decades, and feel it unjust to penalize them for the actions of an administration they do not necessarily support! We have received letters from some California growers, even personal letters from their companies’ founding family members, stating their support for Canada and their appreciation for our long-standing relationship. Governments come and go, but farmers are here to stay!





Cashews – Dry Roasted – Organic
You spoke, we listened. After receiving requests for organic roasted cashews, we’ve finally found the quality we were looking for. These delicious whole cashews, originating in Vietnam, are freshly roasted just for us! Dry roasting with no added oil means all you’ll get is pure, freshly roasted, creamy cashews.

Hazelnuts – Dry Roasted – Organic
After the long blight which devastated the hazelnut industry both in British Columbia and Oregon, we’re pleased to have been able to source these roasted favourites from the Black Sea region of Turkey, a major producer of hazelnuts. As the BC and Oregon industries continue to recover by planting blight-resistant trees, it’s important we diversify our source countries.

Pecans – Raw, Pieces
For the bakers among you, these convenient pecan pieces will simplify preparation of your sweet and savoury dishes. Add them to your recipes for a nutritious boost! While we’ve carried the organic pecan pieces for a few years, we now also wanted to offer the conventional option as well for those who prefer it.


Dried Fruit

Cherries – Bing, Pitted – Organic
From California, the Golden State, these delicious, dark beauties will be a welcome addition to your diet. Organic cherries have been in short supply for quite a while now, so we’re very happy to have them! And did you know that cherries are not only naturally high in antioxidants, they’re also considered a beneficial sleep aid (hooray to snacking at night!), as well as being anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering and pain-relieving. Think of them as a tasty medicine!

Peaches – Organic
These delicious peaches are from a small family-owned processor in California, who use no sugar, sulphur or any added ingredients in their products. While not as juicy as conventionally dried peaches, the sample we tasted had a soft texture and a delicious flavour. We think they’ll be a big hit, especially for those who prefer their dried fruit au naturel!

Strawberries – Sun Dried, No Sulphur
You’ve been asking for many years, and we’re happy to meet your requests, finally! From our principal dried fruit supplier in the US, these delicious strawberries are dried under the hot California sun with nothing added.



Milk Chocolate Strawberries
These creamy, chocolatey, delicious, coated strawberries may look like any other chocolate treat, but their wholesome dried fruit centres mean that the authentic strawberry taste is definitely there! Go on, you deserve it!

Dark Chocolate Peanuts
You love peanuts, you adore dark chocolate, so why not put them together? From a new-to-us Canadian chocolate processor on BC’s coast. Try them, you’ll love them!


Premium Confections

Licorice Rolls – Organic
At long last, we’ve found a tasty organic licorice that is soft, pliable and fun – not to mention they pack a powerful licorice flavour. Kids will be happy to “play with their food” as they enjoy unravelling these cute “pinwheels”! Country of origin is Germany.


Flavoured Nuts

Cashews – Honey Sesame
Our office team raved over the sample sent to us from our old friends at Cache Creek in California, so we just had to add them to the selection. Cashews are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s great to have a sweet variety along with the savoury!

Pecans – Coconut Praline
Well, our sweet tooth is showing! These decadent treats were also included in the sample package from Cache Creek, and of course we fell for them! Large whole pecans, tossed in shredded coconut with a praline coating. Crunchy and crisp, our team gave them two thumbs up!

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