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Emily Young’s Olympic Experience

May 26, 2022

I remember myself as a little girl watching the 2002 Olympics cheering on the women’s and men’s hockey team and hoping one day to be able to compete at that level of competition. 20 years later, to sports later, I am not only having the honour to represent Canada at that level that I so aspire to as a young girl, but I am heading into my second Paralympic games. The journey to getting to this point was nothing short of rocky. With dreams of the Olympics, in a sport that is in the summer and indoors (wrestling), to an injury that made me question whether sport was in my future at all, to the doors opening me to a whole new season of sport, family and competition leading to start lines at the Paralympic games. 

The community that has been behind me through my journey has been nothing but supportive. In times where self-motivation, and self-confidence were lacking, the community that I gained through my sports, or my crotch and it is with absolute honour and a privilege that I get to represent Canada for a second time not only for myself, my country, but for my community. 

Rancho Vignola has become part of my community in the last few years leading up to Beijing 2022. They have an amazing appreciation not only for the community but also the support for the athletic community and how nutrition is so important to us as athletes being able to compete, and train at the level that we do. 

On my team, I may be known for having snacks hidden everywhere, like the team mom, I’m always looking out for someone, especially my teammate Natalie Wilkie ha (we room together VERY frequently)  

Having Rancho Vignola fruits and nuts in my bag after races, training and travelling has become a staple and I know that my body is ready for what we as athletes put our bodies through. Currently my go to savoury treat is Tamari Almonds. My favourite sweet treat? Would definitely be the dried mango

It is community supports such as Rancho Vignola, that have allowed myself and other teammates to perform at the greatest potential because our feeling is right. 

I cannot wait to make Canada proud, my community proud as I told the line at the second games in Beijing. 

Go Canada go. 

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