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This rich and delicious flourless Dark Chocolate Cherry Torte is dairy- and gluten-free, and guaranteed to please. Brought to you by Kiki the Eco Elf, this is an easy dessert that comes together quickly!


2 cups raw pecans (can be optionally roasted or substituted for your nut of choice)

5 medjool dates, pitted

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 tablespoon melted coconut oil

300 grams of dark chocolate wafers or chips

1 can coconut milk, high fat

1 cup dried cherries (or substitute with other dried berries or fruit)


In a food processor combine pecans, dates and cinnamon. Look for a nice grainy texture, it shouldn’t be as fine as flour, but all big chunks are broken down. Add melted coconut oil to nut mixture, stir in well.

Once combined, press into a pie pan, pressing hard to ensure it sticks together. Also remembering to keep it even so there isn’t thicker and thinner parts.

Cook pie crust at 350 for 20 min, or until edges just start to darken.

Next, while the crust is cooking make your filling.

In a double boiler with a little water in the bottom container place the chocolate in the top bowl, continuously stirring.

Once the chocolate is melted and totally smooth remove from heat and start slowly adding the coconut milk. The chocolate mixture will become thick and creamy with a rich texture.

Add the cherries and stir well, ensuring they are evenly distributed and not clumped together.

Once the filling is done carefully and slowly pour it into the centre of the pie crust letting it cascade to the outer edges on its own. This way, when it solidifies in the fridge the centre should be thicker than the edges.

Refrigerate until set.

This recipe can be made a day in advance to save time later on!