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1 cup raw hazelnuts

3-4 cups water, use less water for thicker more creamy results

4 medjool dates, or 8 barhis, pitted

2 tbsp cocoa powder

1/2 tsp vanilla extract – optional but recommended

1 large pinch of salt


For the most creamy and delicious chocolate hazelnut milk start by soaking the hazelnuts for for 8-12 hours. Place hazelnuts in a bowl and add water until it covers them by at least an inch, as they’ll absorb some water and swell while soaking.

If you have a good blender you can get away without soaking if you’re in a rush, or do a quick soak by using boiling water and soaking for as long as you’re willing to wait. But take our word for it, you’ll have better end results if you soak the nuts!

Drain and rise the nuts, then add them to your blender with the remaining ingredients. Blend on the highest setting for around 3 minutes. I like letting it blend until the mixture starts to warm for better emulsion, depending on your blender that could be 3-5 minutes of blending.

For truly smooth and creamy chocolate hazelnut milk you’ll need to strain the pulp out of the blended liquid. Pour the chocolate hazelnut milk though your Rancho Vignola nut milk bag, or if you don’t have one yet you can also use a few layers of cheese cloth, or even a dish towel to strain out the pulp. Twist the top closed above the blended liquid, then squeeze down until the liquid is extracted and you’re left with damp pulp in the bag.

Store your home made plant based deliciously creamy chocolate hazelnut milk in a container in the fridge. Shake before drinking, it is a natural product without emulsifiers and will separate some. Remember, once you’ve made the recipe once adjust to your preferences by using more or less of any of the ingredients!