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Per individual mojito you will need:

one average sized slice of dried mango or pineapple (no sulphur) for each glass

1/2 fresh lime, juiced

1 tsp white sugar or light cane sugar

1-2 ounces white rum (you can also substitute for gin or vodka)

5-10 leaves fresh mint

ice to fill glass


Rip up the dried fruit and place in a small bowl, pour 2 tbsp of warm water over top. Let sit for 15 – 30 minutes, until soft.

In each glass add 1 tsp of sugar, the juice from half a lime, and 5 mint leaves (more if they’re small), then muddle the ingredients together. If you don’t have a specific mojito muddler you can use a spoon or even a blender tamper to achieve the same results. Muddle the ingredients together just enough so that the mint leaves are crushed to release their flavour, but not ripped up so you have small mint floaties in your drink. Next add your soaked fruit to the glass, including any liquid remaining.

Now it’s time to add the liquor. How much alcohol you add will depend on how strong you want your drink, as well as the size of your glass. Most cocktails have 1 – 2 ounces per glass. Traditionally mojitos are made with white rum, but you can also switch it up and use your favourite gin or vodka.

Fill your glass up with ice, you want your mojito to be as cold as possible. Last but not least top up your glass with either sparkling water or club soda.

You can sip this drink right from the glass, or serve it with a straw or spoon to make mixing in the fruit sweetness easier.  Spoons make reaching that rehydrated, and now slightly boozy fruit after finishing your drink all the easier to eat.


We hope you enjoy, and feel refreshed!

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