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An easy recipe for dry-roasted salted macadamia nuts.


2 cups macadamias, raw – We highly recommend you use our organic, raw, whole macadamias for extra incredible results.
1 tsp powdered salt – Powdered salt is the key to spectacular home-made dry-roasted salted nuts. How to make your own noted at end of recipe!


Preheat your oven to 150C/300F.

Put your macadamias on a baking sheet and spread them out. Once your oven reaches temperature, place them on the middle rack and set a timer for five minutes. Bake them for a total of 15 minutes, stirring them around every five minutes.

Every oven is different, so keep an eye on them towards the end; you might need to roast them a few minutes less or a few minutes longer. They should only gain a slight roasted colour; do not over bake!

Heating the nuts will make them sweat a light oil coating. After baking in the oven, take them out and sprinkle the powdered salt all over them. Stir them around well to evenly coat the nuts and pick up any fallen salt on the tray. Let completely cool to room temperature before transferring to a closed container.

A note on powdered salt: If you can’t find powdered salt at the store, you can make your own with a high-powered blender, coffee grinder or a mortal and pestle. Making it yourself also means you can add your favourite herbs or seasoning. Try garlic or onion powder, herbs de provence, or one of your favourite blends.

If using a type of blender, place at least three tablespoons of coarse or fine salt in the bowl with optional seasonings, blend for around two minutes or until it nearly reaches a flour-like consistency, scrape down the sides and push salt back around the blades periodically. You can easily make slightly larger batches to keep handy the next time you want to roast some nuts quickly!

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