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If you're already brewing kombucha or jun tea, another great use for many dried fruits is to add delicious flavour during a second ferment.


1-3 slices of dried fruit, or about 1/4 cup diced.

  • The more dried fruit you use the more fruity the final drink will be.
  • Some of our favourites are; crystallized ginger, mango, pineapple, peach, and orange.

750 ml – 1 l of kombucha or jun tea that’s finished its initial ferment


Most kinds of dried fruits will work, but it’s best to use varieties without any added ingredients, sugar being the only exception. So choose dried fruit that does not have any preservatives or other additives.

Remember the dried fruit will swell in size once added to your brew, so make sure it’s cut small enough to remove from your container once it rehydrates.

Remove the scoby from your brew and then add your dried fruit. Ferment for another 24 – 48 hours, or until you think it tastes just right. Then refrigerate your now fruity kombucha or jun tea! You can strain the fruit out before refrigerating, or later when you’re pouring.

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