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🛍️💚 Nuttin' but the best for your taste buds!! 💚🛍️


These enticing appetizers are incredibly easy to make, and so satisfying to eat.


figs – black or golden, whatever you prefer! You will need half the amount of figs as individual appetizer bites you want to end up with.
1 walnut and/or pecan half per half fig
1 tsp – 1 tbsp of goat cheese per half fig


Cut the hard stem off the figs, and then cut the figs in half. Shape the figs with your fingers, pressing into the centre to create a small indent for the cheese. Put the cheese on the figs, and then take one of the pecan or walnut halves and press it into the cheese, voila, you’re done!

Spice this recipe up further by using roasted, salted, or flavoured nuts!

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