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30+ Recipes for your Next Summer Gathering

July 28, 2022

Hey! You know what? Summer has finally arrived and it’s time for some fun outdoor gatherings!  Bring your friends and family together for games and activities, or just to sit, relax, enjoy some good conversations and have some laughs.  Whether it be a larger more formal party, or a small intimate group, lots of yummy food and beverages always seem to be an integral part of the good times. 

Reach out to people, give them a date and time, and then go nuts planning your food! It’s great to have some things prepared in advance so you have more time to enjoy connecting with the people you’ve invited, and less time preparing food while everyone else is visiting.

Will you start the gathering with some light snacks, dips and appetizers paired with a nice cold beverage?  Are you trying to keep the main meals cold and refreshing, or will you be firing up the barbecue?

We’ve put together some recipes we find ourselves going back to again and again when planning gatherings. There are so many options to explore!

Snacks & Appetizers

This will probably be the easiest part to prepare in advance, so take advantage! We love having some roasted nuts out, along with dips, spreads, veggies, crackers, and cheese.

The Main Course & Sides

Many of these dishes can be prepared in advance, can be served cold on a hot day, and are just plain yummy.

Sweet Treats & Desserts

Another area you can prepare in advance and so you can sit and relax to enjoy it with your guests!


Gotta keep cool with the summer heat in full swing right now. Some refreshing drinks, some dessert drinks, and some people would argue are even health drinks. The options are endless.

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